2021 Summer Series.png

Welcome to our first Summer Series

Spend some time with us this summer!

Programs are designed for 
learning, practicing and celebrating skills! Join us for a morning, afternoon, evening or weekend — everyone is welcome to participate and enjoy VTRA's first ever summer series program.

The VTRA Summer Series sessions have been created with an adult audience in mind (16 and over). Participants  do not need ANY PRIOR HORSE EXPERIENCE.


July Sessions

Intro to horse behaviour - Jul 5th

Complex horse behaviour - Part I - Jul 20th

Complex horse behaviour - Part II - July 27th


August Sessions

Introducing a horse to the unknown - Aug 7th

Intro to lunging - August 16th

Lunging, part 2 - Aug 21st

Horse agility - Aug 23rd

Demystifying tack - August 27th