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Thank you Liesl Fulton

In honor of National Coaches Week last week, VTRA would like to recognize our amazing coach, Liesl Fulton.

VTRA is so fortunate to have been able to partner with Liesl for the past 8 years during which time she has facilitated our Exercise Rider Program.

Our Exercise Rider Program is a VTRA Volunteer Program consisting of experienced and advanced riders who volunteer their time to help keep our horses trained and exercised. This program includes a weekly riding lesson taught by Liesl.

Liesl Fulton is an Equine Canada Certified Coach with decades of experience teaching riding and horsemanship. Liesl’s passion has always been to create an environment where every horse can flourish. She primarily works with horses that others have given up on and rehabilitates them in mind and body. She has extensively studied Classical Riding philosophies in both the English and Western Disciplines and has studied under world-renowned trainers.

Liesl’s expertise and understanding of our Therapy Horses has been an integral part of our Herd Management Strategy. Her attention to systematic training has allowed the horses to thrive, even as they age! Therapy Horses have a very special job so their fitness and exercise has to be done with great care. Under Liesl’s tutelage we have eliminated our horse burn out and/or having to retire our horses early. We have also seen amazing improvements in their soundness, weight and overall health!

Liesl dedication has also immensely improved our Exercise Riders. Liesl’s keen eye and attention to detailed allows our Exercise Riders to continue to advance their skills. Liesl’s approach is always fun and supportive which makes the perfect environment for our riders and horses to learn. Our Exercise Riders are developing techniques and knowledge that can be applied to improve any horse; regardless of discipline, bred or background.

VTRA is so thankful to have Liesl Fulton as a Coach and Friend.


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